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Primary Sources and Picture Books: Take a Picture of Me, James VanDerZee!

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Primary Sources to accompany the picture book Take a Picture of Me, James VanDerZee! by Andrea J. Loney

Thanks  Neme Alperstein ! The two pictures with Blake are favorites. Even though they don't directly connect with the picture book (they were taken in the early '80's) I like them because they show VanDerZee behind the camera and then his final work with the portrait. 

My students and I are having conversations around the Harlem Renaissance, but focusing on the idea of the person taking the photograph making choices and having a perspective. VanDerZee's photos are great examples of this. Glad to hear about your connection!

Thank you! I'm on it, always learning. 

Neme Alperstein , you would select UPLOAD IMAGE instead of IMPORT LOC.GOV IMAGE in Tom's album, to upload your photo. I frequently use to convert my images to a web URL ending in .jpg. I can write the steps in my process, or you are welcome to experiment!  

What a wonderfully assembled album with powerful visual insights  to spark discussion.  The photo of James Hubert (Eubie) Blake took me down memory lane as I had occasion to work with him when he performed on a children's show called Wonderama.  

James Hubert (Eubie) Blake on the television set of Wonderama, WNET-TV, NYC 1975

  Thank you for posting this beautiful album.

James Hubert Blake

Eubie Blake and James VanDerZee

Not to be confused with photos taken by James VanDerZee, this is a photo of VanDerZee preparing to take a photo.

UNIA Legion, 1924, 135th St.

Reverend Adam Clayton Powell, Sr., with His Sunday School Class, Abyssinian Baptist Church

Hazel Scott

Evening Attire

Father Divine

Marcus Mosiah Garvey

Frances Williams at home after being installed as head of the Manhattan Temple Bible Club

Studio Portrait of Young Man with Telephone

Jack Johnson

GGG Photo Studio at Christmas