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Primary sources and Historical Fiction: America’s Joan of Arc

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Anna Klobuchar Clemenc (Clements), also known as “Big Annie” and America’s Joan of Arc, is the central character in The Women of Copper Country, a historical novel by Maria Doria Russell. Set in Upper Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula in 1913, the novel chronicles the work of Anna and the Ladies Auxiliary of the Western Federation of Miners. A significant event is the Italian Hall disaster. Christmas Eve, 1913, a citizen falsely shouted fire in the crowded building as children of union members were celebrating Christmas, killing over 70 people, mostly children.

Secondary characters are citizens of Calumet and a photographer who documented Annie’s work and illustrated the power of photography after the disaster.   (In the novel the photographer is a fictional composite based on the actual journalist and is described as influenced by 19th century Journalist and reformer Jacob Riis.)

Labor organizer Mother Jones also visits Calumet to help the cause and other historical figures are mentioned. 

Underlying themes of living in a company town, the power of the mining company, union vs. non-union, the power of journalism, ethnic struggles and perceptions. (Italian, Slovenian, Finnish, Jewish) a changing America, young romance and illicit romance.   The novel invites discovering sources – there is a lot to find.

  9 - 12   13+   Social Studies/History   Mines   Labor Strikes   Anna Klobuchar Clemenc   Calumet, Michigan    Local History   Historical Fiction


A mile underground--loading and handling cars with copper ore, Calumet-Hecla Mines, Calumet, Mich.

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Miner drilling copper rock with Leyner machine. Preparatory for blasting; Calumet-Hecla Mines, Calumet, Michigan

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Photo of Anna Klobuchar Clemenc with a flag

Calumet, Hecla & Red Jacket, Mich. : 1881

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The Heart of the copper country, Calumet, Mich.

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Italian Hall, 400 block of Seventh Street between Elm & Pine Streets, Calumet, Houghton County, MI

Teaching Notes

Significance: Italian Hall, built in 1908 to the design of Paul Humphrey Macneil, was the site of the 1913 Christmas Disaster. In July of 1913 the miners struck the mining companies of the Michigan copper range. At Christmas the women's group of the strikers' organization held a party for their children. They rented the Italian Hall, a large second floor public meeting room owned by an Italian mutual benefit society. During the party, someone yelled, "fire." There was no fire. However, many of the large crowd, about four hundred, rushed for the exit stairs. The exit doors at the bottom of the stairs opened inward. People could not get them open and they began to pile up in the stairwell. About seventy-four persons died, over half of them children. The event led to even greater bitterness between union and company partisans. Woody Guthrie wrote the song "Copper Country 1913 Massacre," about the Italian Hall disaster. Architecturally, the Hall itself remains in quite good condition with stenciled decorations, tin ceiling, and impressively complete stage and machinery.

National Park Service: Anna Klobuchar Clemenc

Michigan Women Hall of Fame: Anna Clemenc

Labor Hall of Fame

Teaching Notes

Anna Klobuchar Clemenc was inducted in 2013. Mother Jones is also a member.

1913 Massacre (Music lyrics and Bob Dylan video)

Teaching Notes

Lyrics and music by Woody Guthrie.

Video: Bob Dylan singing the song about the Italian Hall disaster.

Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living. Mother Jones 1902

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Jacob Riis: Revealing “How the Other Half Lives

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A Library of Congress online exhibition

Tumult and Tragedy : Michigan's 1913-14 Copper Strike.

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Michigan Technical University, Houghton.  Library Archives