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Have We Overcome? From Civil Rights to Social Justice

William Minner's memory of a childhood incident

Teaching Notes

Has William's father's statement- “What you saw there was real hatred and prejudice. But this is not going to be forever . . . there's gonna come a day when this won't be anymore.”- come to pass?  Has that way of thinking and acting ended?  If you heard that today, how would you respond?

Tracing the Long Journey of “We Shall Overcome”

Teaching Notes

We've heard the familiar song- We Shall Overcome- in many documentaries focusing on the Civil Rights Movement, but what do we know about it?    6 - 8    9 - 12    Social Studies/History    Civil Rights  

'Civil Rights Music Video \"We Shall overcome\" by Peter Seeger'

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'\"We Shall Overcome\" - Martin Luther King, Jr.'

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'Martin Luther King, Jr. Speech.r
Created as part of a lesson plan for US History - Civil Rights - MLK Jr. Day'