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Dust Bowl Out of the Dust Depression Era

Album Description

This album is created for 5th grade students who study the Depression in Social Studies/History and also write about this topic in Language Arts. Also, this would be a great way to collaborate with the library studies. I think album could spark conversations with students about the history, people, and their voices through writing. 

#Library #LanguageArts/English #History/Social Studies #Interdisciplinary Studies 

Dust Bowl Out of the Dust Depression Era (Emily Korman)

Teaching Notes

I would use this with 4th or 5th grade students to teach the Depression with Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse with this Primary Source album. Through this, I would hope to have a great discussion about the lives of people during the Depression, their voices and their way of life during this time period in history. It would be an opportunity for students  to learn and express their shared knowledge of the Depression through writing similar to the style of Karen Hesse.