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Pairing Primary Sources and Picture Books: Above the Rim: How Elgin Baylor Changed Basketball by Jen Bryant and Frank Morrison

Evening Star , February 08, 1958

Evening Star, February 17, 1958

Evening Star, March 25, 1958

Evening Star, June 15, 1958

Evening Star, October 23, 1958

Evening Star, November 07, 1958

Evening Star, November 20, 1958

Evening Star, November 21, 1958

Evening Star, December 10, 1958

Evening Star, January 24, 1959

The Detroit Tribune., December 13, 1958

The Detroit Tribune., January 31, 1959

The Detroit Tribune., February 07, 1959

Evening Star, January 18, 1959

Evening Star, January 19, 1959

The Detroit Tribune, March 07, 1959

Teaching Notes

This article does not have anything directly to do with Elgin Baylor, but events in segregation can be compared to What Baylor spoke and acted against.