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Lost Liberty - A Sampler for Asian Heritage Month

Album Description

Digital publishing is an engaging way to encourage students to connect to a historic topic. As we focus on our nationally recognized inclusion months students can use digital tools not only to publish what they’ve learned but also to show the impact of that event.

I created a sampler for teachers Lost Liberty on Apple Books to demonstrate this lesson idea.  It uses primary sources from the Library of Congress and Pages on iPad to explain how students can use Image Gallery in an overlay fashion. A number of “closer in” photographs are in the slide overs and a “from a distance” shot anchors the idea so it goes from long view to a personalize look. This also gives students agency to select and process images that reflect their understanding and show the impact of the event.

In this album I’ve included some screen shots so you can see what the process might look like.

  Japanese American Relocation   Asian Heritage Month 


Teaching Notes

The sampler has three examples.  This page shows the  “Ouster” which has images of Japanese Americans on the West Coast being moved to “relocation” areas.

From a Distance Image:

Up Close Image Gallery slide over images


Teaching Notes

This page shows a long view of Manzanar with close ups of some of the Japanese Americans daily life in the internment camp.

Internment From a Distance Image:

Up Close Image Gallery slide over images:

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